Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Magic Happy Potion

After a insane semester in college, I realized just how badly I wanted to save the money I have been spending on Starbucks coffee and get a Kuerig instead.  This Christmas I received the "toy" that caught my eye from Shelby. 

If you don't already know what exactly this is, I will explain.  It's simply a one cup coffee maker.  (That makes coffee super fast!) All you have to do is heat it up for a few minutes and place a K-Cup into the K-cup holder and press which cup size you prefer.

I received a box of 48 K-Cups for Christmas as well. So far my favorite is the Donut House Cinnamon Roll flavor. Soo yummy!!

I was shopping around online this morning and found this lovely coffee mug made by Suzy Toronto for $17.95 that says:

There are some days that I have no idea what I am doing out of bed.
I simply don't do mornings.  Well, actually I do morning...I just don't do them well without my morning fix.

So, just a word to the wise...if you want anything from me I'm happy to oblige...but just make sure you don't ask me before I get my magic happy potion, that alluring brew that transforms me into someone capable of pretending to be normal. 

(And no, I am not one of those people who has a problem with drinking too much coffee...I just have issues with drinking too little of it.)

I thought it was too cute! I may just have to purchase one. You can see more information here: Coffee Mug

Do you own a Kuerig? What is your favor flavor K-cup?

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